The Ultimate Skin Journey Masterclass


The Ultimate Client Journey: Consult, Analyse & Prep Your Client for Success! With industry powerhouses Kelly Christie, Fiona Tuck & Nancy Abdou.

This masterclass will help you to grow your sales, increase client loyalty & treatment rebooking's, and is for skin professionals wanting to take their consultation skills, retail sales and treatment results to the next level.


Fiona Tuck

Informative and practical information in a 2 hour session to help you take a forensic approach when analysing the skin. You will Learn:

  • How diet, lifestyle, gut health and medication can affect the skin
  • Critical thinking to bust common skin and nutrition myths
  • How to recognise a nutrient depleted skin
  • Common compromised skin triggers and holistic solutions
  • How to connect with your client on a deeper level and build trust and rapport

Fiona will completely change the way that you analyse the skin from simply just looking at it through a maggy lamp!

Kelly ‘Skin Queen’ Christie

Kelly will show you her EXACT process that had helped so many therapists to hit and exceed their KPI’s.


Nancy Abdou

How to effectively prepare your clients skin leading into advanced aesthetic treatments. Through using topical actives & devices, such as LED, Microcurrent & Skin Needling, prepping appropriately ensures superior results for your clients, while drastically reducing the risk of adverse responses, such as PIHP and prolonged down time, ensuring a higher satisfaction rate and optimal client retention.