RetInfuse Vitamin A Cold Peel

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RetInfuse Vitamin A Cold Peel is our complete dermal rejuvenating system which creates a substantial increase in fibroblast activity generating a significant 30-day collagen production boosting effect.

This unique treatment which avoids damage to the epidermis by deeply delivering a high dose of advanced active ingredients with pharmaceutical grade liposomal technology. It gently resurfaces the epidermis by feeding the dermis to encourage healthy cell renewal, making it safe for all fitzpatrick types and every skin condition.

RetInfuse Vitamin A Cold Peel can be customised to create bespoke treatment programs for your clients with the addition of our RetInfuse Enhancer powders which come in Ageless, Clearing, Soothing and Vitamin C.

RetInfuse requires HyaGlide for use!  It is also recommended that clients prep with Activate or AccelerateView the RetInfuse Cold Peel Pack for a complete pack of products.