Advanced HIFU Workshop - May 30th

$399.00 $599.00

Advanced HIFU Workshop 30th of May, 10am-4pm AEST)

Join ABIA Educator of the Year 2021, Nancy Abdou & Marketing expert Chrissy Alger for this multi focused HIFU Workshop. Learn how to accelerate your HIFU results AND how to effectively market this amazing treatment! 

This live class will cover the theoretical training for HIFU (excludes practical).

Practical Training can be completed after this course at a heavily discounted rate

Training outline:

  • Consultation

  • What is HIFU?

  • How HIFU works

  • Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System

  • Wound healing process

  • Treatment expectations

  • Treatment indications and contraindications

  • Combining other modalities
  • Endangerment sites/areas to avoid

  • Treatment guidelines

  • Procedure