Intermediate Skin Anatomy & Physiology


A comprehensive face-to-face course suitable for a professional post-beauty graduate practitioner who want to up-skill their existing knowledge or a dermal therapist wishing to undergo a refresher. This course is also highly recommended as a foundational course, for those who are wanting to learn advanced modalities or devices, such as skin needling, IPL, laser, Radio Frequency, Plasma Fibroblast or EpiBlading.

Intermediate Skin Anatomy & Physiology carries on from our ‘Introduction to Skin and Cells’, going into much more depth about the skin, dermis, cells and their function and also covers skin assessment. 


Course Covers

  • Integumentary System 

  • Structure of the Hair Follicle and Hair

  • Immune System

  • Lymphatic System

  • Blood Vessels

  • Nervous System

  • Types of Tissue

  • Woods Lamp Analysis

  • Basic Skin Conditioning - pigmentation, vascular, photo-ageing

  • Assessment - Skin Conditions and Concerns

  • How to perform a comprehensive skin assessment

This is suitable for those who have completed the online course or those who hold a diploma in beauty and are wanting to increase or refresh their knowledge and understanding of the skin. It is also suitable for nurses and doctors.