Advance, Sell & Market Your Services


Join Kelly ChristieChrissy Alger & Nancy Abdou for a day of education that will teach you to combine treatment modalities and advance your skin treatments, brush up on your selling skills WITHOUT feeling sleazy and pushy and lastly how to market your services and business through the power of Instagram Reels! 

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This masterclass is for skin professionals, sole traders & business owners that are feeling bored in the treatment room & want to attract more money and clients into their business WITH EASE!


✅Combining Treatment Modalities & Advanced Treatment combinations 

If you are feeling bored in the treatment room or maybe you are just unsure what treatments combinations you can do, to help achieve results for your clients faster and more effectively than you will love the first part of this workshop.

Nancy Abdou is the expert within the professional beauty industry when it comes to treatment modalities, devices & advanced treatments and will be taking you through her top recommendations for combining treatments & modalities in your business.

✅Sell your Services

If the word "sales" is enough to give you hives then chances are there is plenty of opportunity within your business to sell more & make more money!

Chrissy Alger is the sales psychology QUEEN within the industry and will be teaching you how to create a sales process that meets your clients' needs, all whilst following a structure that is clear to deliver as well as helping you to understand and execute the tools you need to keep yourself and your team accountable to the sales process! 


✅Marketing your Services with Instagram Reels!

If you aren't harnessing the power of Instagram reels into your business & using them to generate new clients, bookings & sales, you are missing out! 

Learn exactly how to leverage Instagram reels to engage your audience, showcase your position and sell your treatment services without the feeling of overwhelm and dread that usually comes with social media marketing from the social media Queen, Kelly Christie