Acne Workshop - From The Inside Out

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Acne - From The Inside Out - May 29th 


Fiona Tuck 

Fiona Tuck is an author, nutritional medicine practitioner and skin therapist with over 30 years’ experience in the professional skincare industry. Her experience ranges from practitioner, clinic owner, educator, product development and media commentator. She is the host of The Forensic Nutritionist Podcast, an evidence based educational platform on health, nutrition and skincare and one of Australia’s most televised skin and nutrition experts.

Fiona with discuss the importance of taking a holistic approach when it comes to effectively treating acne and break out prone skin.

You will learn: 

1.            The pathophysiology of acne

2.            The role of the skin microbiome 

3.            The gut/skin axis 

4.            The impact of blood glucose dysregulation and insulin resistance on acne

5.            Nutrition and acne

6.            Common acne myths 


Nancy Abdou

CEO The Australian Dermal & Laser Institute

Founder Skindividual Functional Skincare

ABIA Educator of the Year 2021

With Nancy’s extensive hands-on clinical knowledge of how to manage acne and acne scarring, she will share with you:

  • To extract or not to extract?
  • Managing active acne and reducing the severity 
  • Devices that help with active acne lesions: LED, micro-current, high frequency, galvanic 
  • The wound healing phases and enhancing the process
  • Devices that help with acne scarring and remodeling: Needling, RF needling, HIFU, IPL and lasers
  • Pushing boundaries - safely

Chrissy Alger


Chrissy will take you through the ‘psychology’ of the consultation process for Acne Clients

You will learn:


·      How to ask questions that motivate and inspire commitment for your client to invest in skin treatment journeys

·      How to navigate the sensitives of asking questions for acne that tend to impact on mental health

·      How to unpack the “pain points” of acne without leaving the client feeling overwhelmed and self conscious

·      How to build a strong desire from your client to make the changes they need to their current skin care habits or lack thereof

·      What high quality questions you can ask during consult to ensure you are effectively targeting the needs of the client and adding value to their experience



    Presented by 3 industry experts:

    • Fiona Tuck - Fiona is one of the most well-respected skincare and nutrition experts in Australia. Author of The Forensic Nutritionist & Founder of Vita-Sol
    • Chrissy Alger - Hair and Beauty Industry Coach, The Zing Project, and Psychologist Specialising in Sales & Marketing 
    • Nancy Abdou - Aesthetic Device Specialist, Coach and Clinical Educator; founder of The Australian Dermal & Laser Institute


    Delivery: Live Workshop

    Duration: 6 hours


    • Certificate of attendance 

    • Soft copy presentation with space for notes