About Us

Nancy Abdou

Nancy is a positive and creative educator, who listens to understand her trainees’ objectives and goals. She is a patient, relaxed and flexible educator, embracing diversity and will seek alternative teaching modalities to meet the needs of various trainees and participants, that comprise of Doctors, Nurses, Clinical Dermal Therapists and Beauty Therapists.

Nancy’s passion is to inspire people to grow, lead and succeed in their business, salon or clinic – with integrity and high ethics. Her results-driven and scientifically based training gives participants the confidence to interact with clients in a knowledgeable, credible, positive and meaningful way.

Nancy is also known for her technical writing, where she has researched and tested various para-medical devices and written complete training manuals for them. Performing over 200,000+ successful in-clinic treatment areas, consultations and test patches, ensures that Nancy’s training manuals can be understood and applied in the best possible manner.

RMIT University
Bachelor of Education (Science Major) 1995
Australian Institute of Laser Therapy
Laser Safety Certificate 2004
Australian Institute of Laser Therapy
Certificate course in Clinical Laser Therapy and IPL for Dermatology and Scar Repair 2006
Clinical Skin Care – Dr Tick
Certificate, Advanced Skin Analysis 2007
Cert IV, Beauty Therapy 2007
Victoria University
TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Education 2013

Activities and Societies:
Australian Institute of Laser Therapies

Nellie Abdou Calvaresi

Nellie has spent the last 13 years gaining extensive anatomy training and clinical experience in the cosmetic industry, which has reinforced her reputation in the field. Nellie primarily works as a Dermal Practitioner with renowned Dr Bryan Menldelson at ‘The Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery’. Here Nellie provides advanced non-surgical options for facial enhancement, skin nourishment and rejuvenation.

Nellie’s passion is to not only educate and inform her patients about their specific skin conditions and treatment options, but to also share her invaluable knowledge with fellow beauty and dermal therapists. If you are looking to deliver ‘real and significant’ results to your clients and patients, Nellie’s scientifically based training will inform you about specialized skin treatments based on research, safety and proven results.

The University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Science, Anatomy and Psychology 2004
RMIT University
Post Graduate Diploma, Psychology 2004
Australian Institute of Laser Therapy
Certificate, Laser Safety 2004
Clinical Skin Care – Dr Tick
Certificate, Advanced Skin Analysis 2007.
Cert IV, Beauty Therapy 2007

Activities and Societies:
Australian member of WALT (World Association of Laser Therapy)

Nevine Tomaino

Nevine has been an Aesthetic Therapist since 2004 and is renown to deliver excellence – from clinical treatments for patients and clients to thorough training for new practitioners and therapists. Whilst researching new aesthetic devices, skin care lines and developing protocols, scientific validity and credibility are paramount to Nevine, particularly in this fast paced industry that tends to lag behind government Regulations.

Whilst the majority of Nevine’s work is delivering training and education, she regularly works as a Clinical Dermal Practitioner for the Centre of Facial Plastic Surgery in Toorak, Victoria. Maintaining her practice in the cosmetic field helps Nevine remain abreast of latest technologies, developments and best protocols to deliver effective and safe treatments. As Nevine’s business experience spans over 25 years, if required, she can also incorporate business direction to new salon and clinic owners. The future in aesthetics is an exciting one and Nevine looks forward to sharing her experience, passion and knowledge.

La Trobe University
Bachelor of Science, Mathematical & Information Science 1989
Australian Institute of Laser Therapy
Laser Safety Certificate 2004
Certificate in Clinical Laser Therapy for musculoskeletal conditions and pain 2006
Diploma Beauty Therapy 2005
Victoria University
Bachelor Health Science, Clinical Dermal Therapies 2007
CBD College
TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Education 2012

Activities and Societies:
Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians
Australian Institute of Laser Therapies

Janet Panetta

Janet is a passionate and enthusiastic Clinical Dermal Therapist and Educator, with an interest in the health science field. Janet’s Bachelor Degree in Health Science has allowed her to work with a number of nurses and doctors and eventually establishing her own skin clinic. Janet has gained a wealth of knowledge in the Industry from those around her and continues to grow her expertise.

Janet has an appetite to learn and expand her own knowledge, as well as imparting with this knowledge with others to the highest of her ability. Owning a successful and professional skin clinic, enhances and maximises the learners experience in a clinical, yet fun and engaging manner.

Elly Lukas, Beauty Therapy College
Diploma of Beauty Therapy 2009
Victoria University
Bachelor Health Science, Clinical Dermal Therapies 2013
CBD College Melbourne
Cert IV in Training & Assessment 2015

Ashleigh Clark

Ashleigh has spent the last 7 years broadening her expertise and knowledge in delivering advanced skin and light based treatments, with a special interest in skincare ingredients to heighten those results. Ashleigh is driven to deliver outstanding treatments in addition to educating her clients and trainees by breaking down the fundamentals, to get long-term results.

Ashleigh has a passion for helping others succeed in their business and to be able to deliver effective results for their future clientele. Her focus is on delivering all components in a professional but relaxed manner, so that the trainees are confident and knowledgeable in delivering those treatments.

Wide Bay Institute
Certificate IV Beauty Therapy 2004

Laser & Safety Certificate 2011

Sarah Amer

Sarah is a Sydney based therapist, trainer and clinic owner since 2009. She has extensive knowledge of physiology, anatomy, skin science, skin disorders, and laser tissue interaction. Sarah is well-known for her extensive experience in the field of clinical skin treatments and is pleased to pass on such skills in a simple and structured manner.

Sarah has an abundance of knowledge, passion and energy to impart to those wanting the best in light-based aesthetic education. She offers an uncompromising level of service and thrives on taking on skin challenges. Sarah has also worked as a business consultant for several years and enjoys sharing valuable business and marketing tips with new and existing businesses.

Laser Therapy & Natural Medicine
Diploma – Laser, IPL & other light based devices 2010
Westmead Hospital Medical Physics
Laser Safety Certificate 2009
Charles Sturt University
Bachelor of Business

Tania Dellamonica

Tania is an eager and enthusiastic Beauty Therapist and Clinical Educator. Working in well-renowned clinics over the last 10 years, she has expanded her knowledge and hands-on experience, whilst utilizing various advanced technologies. Drawing on all of this, empowers Tania to be an informative, knowledgeable and relatable educator.

Tania’s receptive and calm approach to education allows her to adapt to each individual need and learning style. This enables trainees feel confident and comfortable to use their newly obtained skill set.

Elly Lukas, Beauty Therapy College
Diploma of Beauty Therapy 2009
Flemming Institute
Laser Safety Operator Certificate 2010
Pigment & Vascular Masterclass 2010

Khyati Bhardwaj

Khyati is a dermal clinician who is passionate about skin and dermal science, working at skin clinics alongside other fellow clinicians and nurses, giving her extensive knowledge about various skin disorders and management strategies. Working with cosmeceutical skin care has helped Khyati to synergistically combine technology and topical ingredients to deliver excellent clinical results, broadening her knowledge to assisting her clients and trainees and taking them through a progressive journey to great skin.

Khyati is passionate about continually learning and being at the forefront of emerging treatments and technology. Her charming personality allows her to deliver clinical training in a fun, yet efficient manner.

Victoria University
Bachelor of Health Science (Dermal Therapies) 2106
Victoria University
Diploma of Beauty Therapy 2013
Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology 2012

Activities and Societies
Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians
Golden Key International Honour Society


“We had 3 days of IPL training with Nevine, who came to us which was a great start. Nevine is very professional and very knowledgable about every aspect of the science of skin. Our training was intense but Nevine made sure we understood every section of the program before we went any further. There was equal time spent on theory and practical and she made sure we did everything correctly before the end of each day. We thoughly enjoyed our training with Nevine she is a great trainer as well as a lovely person and I would not hesitate to recommend any training programme run by her.We are using our IPL machine in the salon with great success and confidence. Thankyou Nevine for all your wonderful wisdom and we look forward to seeing you again soon”.

Fay & Athina – The Beauty Specialist, South Australia